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  • VERTU IN KBC Kitchen and Bath China 2019

    VERTU IN KBC Kitchen and Bath China 2019

    July 20,2019.

    Held in conjunction with the International Building & Construction Trade Fair, VERTU is aimed at end-users, decision-makers, importing and exporting companies, designers, engineers, architects from China and around the world. On display at VERTU KBC Kitchen and Bath China are: furniture, fittings, appliances, house wares, sanitary wares, leisure equipment, health & relaxation systems, heating devices, solar collectors, extractors & ventilators, water treatment, lighting and DIY materials.

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  • Friends from Dongguan

    Friends from Dongguan

    March 23,2019.

    Last night, a warm welcome to general Lin, Yu and his party guests to visit weitu guidance. As far as the current market is concerned, VERTO founder Qin and his guests have shared a lot of past experiences and ideas for the future, and VERTO sincerely hopes that we will form strategic partnerships in more product areas later on

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  • Vertu  Fairs

    Vertu Fairs

    March 16,2019.

    Dear Friend, Xiamen Vertu Co.Ltd is a company specializing in the production of toilet drainage tube and sealing flange of the factory. We are going to set up the booth in Shanghai exhibition hall on May 24, 2019.At that time, we welcome international friends to visit and guide.This is the booth No-3E225 and navigation route map

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  • Toilet water tank fittings

    Toilet water tank fittings

    March 15,2019.

    Toilet cistern fittings is the core place of closestool, inside course of study calls for "closestool heart", basically by fill water valve, catchment valve and pushbutton composition. In general, it can be divided into two categories, namely, the connected type and the split type. The one-piece accessory is used for the one-piece toilet. Split fittings for split toilets. The inlet valve part can be divided into side inlet water and bottom inlet water, and also rear inlet water. The drainage valve part can be divided into double press type, hanging chain type and bucket type. The button part can be divided into side button, top button and front button.

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